Epic Benefits: Omniverse Connector for Unreal Engine Saves Content Creators Time and Effort

Content creators using Epic Games’ open, advanced real-time 3D creation tool, Unreal Engine, are now equipped with more features to bring their work to life with NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for creating and operating metaverse applications.

The Omniverse Connector for Unreal Engine’s 201.0 update brings significant enhancements to creative workflows using both open platforms.

Streamlining Import, Export and Live Workflows

The Unreal Engine Omniverse Connector 201.0 release delivers improvements in import, export and live workflows, as well as updated software development kits.

New features include:

Alignment with Epic’s USD libraries and USDImporter plug-in: Improved compatibility between Omniverse and Epic’s Universal Scene Description (USD) libraries and USDImporter plug-in make it easier to transfer assets between the two platforms.
Python 3.9 scripts with Omniverse URLs: Unreal Engine developers and technical artists can access Epic’s built-in Python libraries by running Python 3.9 scripts with Omniverse URLs, which link to files on Omniverse Nucleus servers, helping automate tasks.
Skeletal mesh blendshape import to morph targets: The Unreal Engine Connector 201.0 now allows users to import skeletal mesh blendshapes into morph targets, or stored geometry shapes that can be used for animation. This eases development and material work on characters that use NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL), reducing the time it takes to share character assets with other artists.
UsdLuxLight schema compatibility: Improved compatibility of Unreal Engine with the UsdLuxLight schema — the blueprint used to define data that describes lighting in USD — makes it easier for content creators to work with lighting in Omniverse.

Transforming Workflows One Update at a Time

Artists and game content creators are seeing notable improvements to their workflows thanks to this connector update.

Developer and creator Abdelrazik Maghata, aka MR GFX on YouTube, recently joined an Omniverse livestream to demonstrate his workflow using Unreal Engine and Omniverse. Maghata explained how to animate a character in real time by connecting the Omniverse Audio2Face generative AI-powered application to Epic’s MetaHuman framework in Unreal Engine.

Maghata, who’s been a content creator on YouTube for 15 years, uses his platform to teach others about the benefits of Unreal Engine for their 3D workflows. He’s recently added Omniverse into his repertoire to build connections between his favorite content creation tools.

“Omniverse will transform the world of 3D,” he said.

Omniverse ambassador and short-film phenom Jae Solina often uses the Unreal Engine Connector in his creative process, as well. The connector has greatly improved his workflow efficiency and increased productivity by providing interoperability between his favorite tools, Solina said.

Getting connected is simple. Learn how to accelerate creative workflows with the Unreal Engine Omniverse Connector by watching this video:

Get Plugged Into the Omniverse 

At the recent NVIDIA GTC conference, the Omniverse team hosted many sessions spotlighting how creators can enhance their workflows with generative AI, 3D SimReady assets and more. Watch for free on demand.

Plus, join the latest Omniverse community challenge, running through the end of the month. Use the Unreal Engine Omniverse Connector and share your creation — whether it’s fan art, a video-game character or even an original game — on social media using the hashtag #GameArtChallenge for a chance to be featured on channels for NVIDIA Omniverse (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and NVIDIA Studio (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Are you up for a challenge?

From now until April 30, share your video-game inspired work in our #GameArtChallenge.

@rafianimates is making his very own #AR game and shared some WIPs of the characters #MadeInOmniverse with @VoxEdit & #MagicaVoxel. pic.twitter.com/pppDNarNk4

— NVIDIA Omniverse (@nvidiaomniverse) March 9, 2023

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