A Podcast With Teeth: How Overjet Brings AI to Dentists’ Offices

Dentists get a bad rap. Dentists also get more people out of more aggravating pain than just about anyone.

Which is why the more technology dentists have, the better.

Overjet, a member of the NVIDIA Inception program for startups, is moving fast to bring AI to dentists’ offices.

On this episode of the NVIDIA AI Podcast, host Noah Kravitz talks to Dr. Wardha Inam, CEO of Overjet, about how her company uses AI to improve patient care.

Overjet’s AI-powered technology analyzes and annotates X-rays for dentists and insurance providers.

It’s a step that promises to take the subjectivity out of X-ray interpretations, boosting medical services.

The AI Podcast · Overjet’s Ai Wardah Inam on Bringing AI to Dentistry – Ep. 179

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